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when they mess up your order but end up giving you extra food for free


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Man Dies After Bloody, 10-Minute Beating From LAPD Officers →


The LAPD beat a Omar Abrego for 10 minute, he dies 12 hours later of his injuries.

but don’t forget that the cops were also “injured”:

"One police suffers of a knee injury while the other has a fractured hand" that he used to punch Abrego.

This has got to stop. 

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I’ll never understand racist people.
I’ll never understand people that beg for something without getting off their ass and trying.
I’ll never understand why there’s a black history month.
I’ll never understand why there is no month to show respect to those that lost their lives in the Holocaust.
I’ll never understand why we continue to provide social security when it was only created to provide assistance during the times of the Great Depression.
I’ll never understand why we still build nuclear weapons because if we decide to use them we’ll all be a risk.
I’ll never understand why there’s not a cure for cancer or AIDS.
I’ll never understand why you sell that shit in your own community.
I’ll never understand why my race has a crab in the barrel mentality.
I’ll never understand why middle class students don’t receive grants to go to school.
I’ll never understand the purpose of students loans seeing as those most people end up in debt and dropping out of school.
I’ll never understand why the black woman is the most disrespected woman.
I’ll never understand how people could hurt a child physically, sexually, or mentally.
I’ll never understand how politicians believe we can live off of minimum wage.
I’ll never understand why black vs. white still persist in the world.
I’ll never understand the hurt that a mother has while delivering a still born baby.
I’ll never understand how you can love someone and cheat on them especially when married.
I’ll never understand how you can hate someone so much that you decide to kill them.
I’ll never understand why you don’t sit down and try to understand some of these things.

Dear White People (x)

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If only heaven could accept letters…
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